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Wish You Could be an NFL General Manager?

You're Hired!

  • The Most Realistic NFL GM Simulation on the Planet. Period.
  • Take Over Your Favorite NFL Team, or Start with an Expansion Draft
  • Actually Compete with the 32 Real-Life NFL GMs
  • Draft Along with the NFL Draft
  • Anyone Can Have an Opinion... Prove What You Know Today
  • You're Great at Fantasy. But Could You Beat the Real GMs?
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The NFL Never Stops - Why Should Your Game?

The NFL Never Stops - Why Should Your Game?

How Would You Do as the GM of a Real NFL Team?

How Would You Do as a Real NFL GM?

Become a Smarter Fan of the NFL

Become a Smarter Fan of the NFL

Are You Fan Enough to Run an NFL Team?

Are YOU Fan Enough to run a Real NFL Team?


Fantasy Football shuts down for half the year. Our simulation allows you to actively engage with the NFL, in real time, 52 weeks a year.

NFL fans today are more knowledgable than ever. If you're hungry to learn more about the NFL, check out PowerHouse's Learning Center.

Fantasy Football is great fun, but it's not a simulation of running a real team. In our game, you follow all the same rules the real GMs follow.

If you're the kind of fan who thinks you could run a real NFL team, if only you could have a chance, we'll give you that chance.  And the best part is, you can't get fired!

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Start Your Virtual NFL Team Today

Start Your Team Today!

Running a team on PowerHouseGM.com is free, and you can start anytime. You can choose to take over any NFL team and start making the decisions today. Or, for a true challenge, try starting with an Expansion Draft. Oh, and don't worry where we are in the NFL calendar you can start your team< any time and get up to speed quickly.

Thousands of NFL fans have already created free accounts on PowerHouseGM.com
25-year pro football personnel executive
Bleacher Report's Matt Miller
Rick Serritella of NFL Draft Bible
Ross Miles of Pro Football Focus

"I was a personnel executive in pro football for 25 years, and this is the most realistic simulation I've seen. You can be your own GM and run a team following all the same rules the real GMs have to follow."

"I always wanted to be a GM back when I was scouting for different leagues, now I have a chance to go up against the best and see if my draft philosophies and reports would win out."

"I'm a PowerHouse addict."

"My initial reaction is that I would probably quit fantasy and just play this."

(Well, let's not get crazy, Rick!)

"When fantasy football just isn't enough anymore, the smart football fan will turn to PowerHouse for their fix."

This personnel executive (and good friend) was hired by an NFL team that has a policy against endorsements.

Matt Miller, Founder of New Era Scouting and Lead Draft Writer for Bleacher Report

Rick Serritella, Founder & Publisher, NFL Draft Bible

Ross Miles, IDP Fantasy Editor, Pro Football Focus


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PowerHouse's iGMTM Game

Our iGMTM game is like traditional fantasy football in that you run a virtual team made up of players that may be on many different teams in real life, and how your players perform in real life determines how successful your team will be.

But our game lets you compete against the real NFL General Managers in real time, year 'round, with our unique, patent-pending model that connects your team to events in real life.

Free Agency

NFL Draft

Roster Cuts


Sign Free Agents during NFL free agency in March and into the summer

Draft along with the NFL Draft to build your roster

Make roster cuts to get to the 53-player limit before the season

Play a 16-game schedule against real NFL teams and compete for a championship