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Running a virtual NFL team in our iGM NFL General Manager simulation is free. If you want to enjoy competing with your team and a host of other features and benefits, you need to be a premium member (only $99/year.)


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Be the GM of an NFL Team

Run a virtual NFL team, 52 weeks a year, in the most realistic NFL General Manager simulation ever conceived. Follow all the same rules the real NFL GMs follow, and compete with them for talent to build the best team you can.

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Access our NFL Player Contracts Database

Access one of the most accurate and complete NFL player contracts databases available anywhere. We scour reliable sources for the latest contracts data, and we use this data to determine your team's situation with respect to the NFL's salary cap.

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∨ Access our Reporting System

Run a multitude of reports for your virtual NFL team or any real-life NFL team. Reports cover a wide range of subjects, from player performance to player news to statistical trends to NFL Draft prospect rankings, and we're developing new reports all the time.

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Scout Prospects for the NFL Draft

PowerHouse offers the most robust scouting and ranking engine on the web. Scout and grade players the same way the professionals do, and build your draft board ahead of the big day.

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View Draft Scouting Videos

We scour the web for video footage that reflects the abilities of hundreds of NFL Draft prospects, and make them available here, in one place. Evaluate players' strengths and weaknesses with your own two eyes, just like an NFL scout.

View scouting videos for QBs only NFL-GM-Game-Feature-Green-Checkmark-75x75

Set Your Team Needs and Prepare with Mock Drafts

Get ready for the biggest day of the year by rehearsing with our Mock Draft engine. Set team needs for your team and the real NFL teams, or use our editors' team needs. Run Mock Drafts to prepare for the NFL Draft, your best opportunity to add talent to your roster.

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Download our NFL Draft Prospects Spreadsheet

Download our NFL Draft prospects Excel spreadsheet to make your scouting easier. The spreadsheet includes:

  • The official 10-yard splits from the Combine (not what you see on TV - PowerHouse is the only site on the web that has the same data the teams get.)
  • Your personalized rank/grade for all prospects
  • Your personalized comments for all prospects
Download exludes 10yd splits & your custom info NFL-GM-Game-Feature-Green-Checkmark-75x75

Participate in the NFL Draft

It's "Christmas in springtime!" The NFL Draft is one of the biggest events on the NFL calendar, and this is your opportunity to just watch, but to actually draft along with the real NFL General Managers. Trade up or down to land the prospects that will be the future of your franchise.

Your slot is determined randomly, and reverses like "snake" style fantasy drafts Your slot is based on how your team did the previous season

Compete with Your Team

PowerHouse's iGM game uses a unique scoring algorithm that, unlike fantasy football, includes all players, even offensive linemen and standout special teams contributors. There's no "one point for 10 yards rushing here; we show you how you actually do at building a real NFL team over a 16-game NFL season against the real NFL teams.

See results for the first 2 games only NFL-GM-Game-Feature-Green-Checkmark-75x75

Compete in Fantasy-Style Leagues

Compete with other PowerHouseGM.com members in fantasy-style leagues, not just during the NFL season, but at any time year 'round. You'll already know how you measure up against the real NFL GMs, but how do you compare to the other GMs on our site?

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Access Our Player Scoring Data

Want to peek "behind the curtain" and see our raw player scoring data? We'll let you download our full weekly player scoring table as an Excel spreadsheet as it becomes available each week of the NFL season!

View scoring data for first 4 weeks, and entire season for QBs only NFL-GM-Game-Feature-Green-Checkmark-75x75

Win Great Prizes

Premium Members running a virtual NFL team on PowerHouseGM.com are eligible to win memorabilia, free premium membership extensions, and other great prizes for your team's on-field successes.

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Access Great Premium NFL Content from our Partners

PowerHouse has great relationships with a range of content providers covering subjects from professional NFL Draft prospect scouting reports to resources that help you run your virtual team with pro scouting tools.

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Enjoy PowerHouse Ad-Free

PowerHouseGM.com has ads on both our content pages and our iGM NFL General Manager game pages. Premium Members enjoy our site ad-free. We will from time to time promote specific content, offers, and services from valued partners to both free and Premium Members.

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Learn from the Pros

Access educational resources developed by the pros and participate in webinars with industry insiders from the NFL and respected members of the media on topics like scouting, personnel, and the salary cap.

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