2015 NFL Draft | Partnership with Ourlads!

Ourlads-Guide-to-the-NFL-Draft-logoWe have big news today! Like, really big.

Here at PowerHouse, we often say our iGMTM game is “The most realistic simulation of being an NFL General Manager on the planet. Period.” Well, if that’s true (and it is,) Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft is the most intelligent, unbiased, and professional NFL Draft prospects guide on the planet… exclamation point!

I have personally subscribed to the Ourlads Guide since 1985, and former NFL scout Dan Shonka and his team do an amazing job (and Dan’s a great guy, too.)

Now, after tossing around ideas for a few years, we have partnered with Ourlads for the 2015 NFL Draft to bring their elite content to our elite virtual NFL General Managers. Here’s the deal: IF you are an existing PowerHouseGM.com Premium Member (like, you paid,) you can get a FREE copy of the 2015 Ourlads NFL Draft Guide, no strings attached.

No kidding.

Ourlads, PowerHouse, and both of our communities share a passion for NFL talent evaluation and NFL Draft scouting. And we share a philosophy when it comes to the Draft… Unlike most draft pundits, we’re not nearly as interested in where prospects actually get drafted as we are in where they should be drafted. We don’t predict. We form our own opinions based on what our own eyes see, and make our own decisions.

Ourlads Guide is a $32 value, but if you have a current premium membership on our site (only $99,) it’s yours for free. Unless you’re already an Ourlads subscriber. That wouldn’t be fair, right?

Check out the Ourlads website for more on their background. But, believe me, as a 30-year subscriber, I can tell you with 100% conviction that they are the best in the business.

We are fired up about this partnership, and we hope you will be as well. If you already have a premium membership on PowerHouseGM.com, just click here to get your Ourlads Guide. If you’re not a premium member, this is a mighty fine reason to change that!



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