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Plug and Play

By Robbie Lee Roach,

2013 NFL Draft Prospects Robert Woods USCI’ve heard more than one draft analyst say of a player that is ready to start in the NFL – “he is a plug and play player.”  That term has always stuck with me.  There are several players that teams will be able to plug and play in this year’s draft.  But I wanted to focus on some players that will be drafted after the first round and a half that will be plug and play players.  So the following are 10 plug and play players that should be drafted after pick 50...

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Chris Barry

Written by Chris Barry

Chris Barry is the creator of, home of the most realistic NFL General Manager simulation ever devised. An unapologetic NFL geek, Chris ran a virtual team on an Excel spreadsheet for 15 years following the same rules behind our iGM game for no reason other than to see how he could do.

2019 Draft Prospects Uploaded 11/2/18

We have uploaded our initial list of 861 2019 NFL Draft prospects. The top 99 are from (they include projected underclass entries,) and the rest are from We will periodically add and delete as the class shapes up. Good luck with your scouting!

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