Our Mission

Millions of NFL passionate NFL fans wish they could be the General Manager of a real NFL team, but only 32 people in the world can have that job. Our mission at PowerHouse is to give you the closest possible experience in the most realistic NFL General Manager simulation ever conceived.

Sign up for PowerHouse today, for free, and you’ll be able to:

  • Take over your favorite NFL team, or start from scratch with an expansion team
  • Sign free agents in March
  • Draft right along with the real NFL Draft in April
  • Make painful roster cuts to get down to the 53-player limit, and establish your practice squad
  • Play a full 16-game schedule against real NFL teams

Best of all, you can’t get fired! (That’s one of the few ways in which our simulation is not 100% realistic…)

We help you become a more educated fan in a way that no other site in the world can: by giving you a hands-on experience running a real NFL team.

We’re also building an ever-expanding library of GM-centric content to help you learn more about all aspects of being an NFL General Manager, become a more engaged fan of the NFL, enjoy the NFL like never before, and have more success as you run your own virtual team over the years.

And that last part, “over the years,” is paramount. This is not fantasy football, and it’s probably as close to the opposite of daily fantasy football as there could possibly be. PowerHouse and our iGMTM simulation is a long-term engagement. Our most sincere desire is for you to enjoy running your team, through highs and lows, for many years; for PowerHouse to become an integral part of your life as a fan of pro football.

"I just want you to know that if the game's tools or features do not change, it is still the best game of its kind out there. I never want to go back to "fantasy football" again."

Shane J

"I am loving this game you created by the way... And the idea of the "live" draft along with the actual NFL Draft is genius."

Peter T

"Watching the East-West Shrine game practice on DVR... yes, PowerHouse has done this to me."

Rich L

Our Guiding Principles

We have a set of guiding cultural principles that we strive to follow in everything we do. Our goal is to build a community of passionate NFL fans who have an amazing experience on our site. With that in mind, we always try to be:


We want your experience here to be richly rewarding, and we want you to want to spend time here.


We want you to feel welcome. If you share our passion for our particular subject matter, no matter who you are, we want you to feel like a valued part of our community... because you are.


We want you to take pride in running your team... in its successes and frustrations. We want you to become emotionally invested in what you do here.


We respect all of our Members, and we insist on a culture of respect whenever we interact with each other. We welcome differences of opinion, but we will never tolerate "flaming" or other such nonsense.


No matter how big we grow, we never want to "feel like" a big entity. At our core, we are driven by a very personal passion for everything involved in building a winning NFL team. We want that human element to show in all we do.


We want to learn as much as we can about the rules NFL GMs follow, the strategies they employ, the nuts and bolts of scouting, the ins and outs of the NFL salary cap and player contracts, and anything else that we need to know to have success on the field. And we want to share this knowledge with fans who share our passion and curiosity.

Social & Participatory

We want you to get involved and develop long-term relationships with other fans who share your passion for our subject matter. You have tons of friends here... you just haven't met them yet!

Remarkable, but...

We strive to provide an experience as you run your own virtual NFL team that makes you say "Wow!" We are providing something that is utterly unique, and we don't want to do it in anything but a big way.


We will always remember that what we are doing is very, very difficult. Being an NFL General Manager is extraordinarily difficult, and even the best in the business ultimately fail almost all the time. We never lose the ability to laugh at ourselves while we hopefully learn from our mistakes.


This is fun, and we will never forget not to take ourselves too seriously. Hopefully, on top of everything else we do, we can put a smile on your face from time to time.

"The concept you bring is awesome; I really hope its goes and grows to plan."

- Paul T.

"I am amazed at how you have worked over the years to make this site so realistic. Speaking for most on the site, we are very grateful for your dedication and passion to it and the game."

- David C.

"I always wanted to be a GM back when I was scouting for different leagues. Now I have a chance to go up against the best and see if my draft philosophies and reports would win out. I'm a PowerHouse addict."

- Matt M.

"I signed for up for the free version at first, and I am HOOKED. What a great idea this is. I've spent my time since then churning through the season from February til now a little quicker than what would have been ideal but I'm now caught up to 'real time' and absolutely love playing armchair GM."

- Justin F.

The NFL never stops. Your blog updates don't have to, either.

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