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It's Draft Season!

A Great Season After a Great Off-Season!

The 2018 NFL Season is Here!

NFL Draft Season is Here Once Again

5 Running Backs to Watch for the 2018 NFL Draft

Scouting the NFL Draft for Dummies

NFL's New League Year Begins

Baalke Only GM to Fall on Blaacke Monday

2017 NFL Draft Prospects Live

2016 NFL Draft 20/20 Hindsight

NFL Player Contracts Updated, Part 2

NFL Player Contracts Updated, Part 1

Five 2017 NFL Draft Picks to Watch

Deep Running Back Pool in 2017 NFL Draft

NFL "Business Season" Updates

2016 NFL Draft Prospects Updated

NFL Draft Prospect Grading Systems

Complete 2016 NFL Draft Order

PowerHouse Turns 20... Sort of...

Movin' the Chains Mock Draft #1

More Player Trades than Usual?

2015 NFL Draft | Partnership with Ourlads!

NFL Calendar Updated

Updated 2014 NFL Draft "Restrictions"

NFL GM Game: PowerHouse is Growing

2014 Hall of Fame Class Serves as a Reminder of Approaches to Building Winners in the NFL

The Last 2014 NFL Mock Draft You'll Ever Need

2014 NFL Draft Prospects: Quarterbacks

NFL Mock Draft by Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller

NFL Draft Prospects: the Johnny Manziel Debate

2014 Senior Bowl Report

The Courageous Michael Sam

2014 NFL Draft Prospects Uploaded

NFL Draft Prospects | Review of 2013 "Steals"

NFL GM Simulation | NFL Defensive Schemes

NFL Draft Prospects | Focus on Character

NFL Draft Simulation | 2013 Supplemental Draft

NFL GM Simulation | Off-Season Update


NFL GM Simulation | The NFL Draft is Here

NFL Salary Cap | Contracts Updated

NFL Team Needs | Team Needs Updated

NFL Mock Drafts | Time for the Live Draft

2013 NFL Scouting Combine Results

NFL Draft Prospects | Plug and Play

NFL Draft Prospects | 10 "Plug and Play" Prospects

NFL GM Game | 2013 NFL Draft Prospects Updated

NFL Salaries | Understanding the NFL Salary Cap

NFL Simulation | 2012 NFL Draft Prospects

NFL GM Game | 2013 Senior Bowl Photo Album

Initial 2013 NFL Draft Prospects Spreadsheet Download Available

NFL GM Game | Live Draft Restrictions

NFL Combine Results | The Combine is Here!

NFL Salaries | "Dead Money" Disasters

2013 NFL Draft Prospects | Tony Pauline's Top 50 2013 Draft Prospects

2013 NFL Draft Prospects | Five Reasons Prospects are Undervalued

The 2013 NFL Draft Prospects Have Been Uploaded to

NFL Team Needs | NFL Regular Season – 6 No Wins; 3 No Worries, 3 No Way

NFL Team Needs | NFL General Managers – The Difficulty of Cutting Veteran Players

NFL GM Game | The NFL Season Kicks Off

NFL Team Needs | Are the Cleveland Browns Already in the Matt Barkley Sweepstakes?

NFL Team Needs | 5 Week 1 Games to Watch From an NFL GM’s Perspective

NFL Team Needs | Hub Arkush's 2012 NFL Predictions

NFL Draft Prospects | Scouting College Football – Where Do NFL Players Come From?

NFL Transactions | 2012 NFL Roster Cuts – Matt Overton’s Journey

NFL Team Needs | Five Things: Luck's Going to Be Great, Broncos Will Be a Threat

NFL Transactions | NFL Cuts to 53 & the Importance of a Strong Defense

NFL GM Game | Fantasy Football Fest 2012

NFL Team Needs | 6 NFL Stats Fans and Media Don't Understand

NFL Transactions | Understanding NFL Roster Limits

NFL Salaries | Number Crunching Starting to Change NFL Thinking

NFL Transactions | NFL Cuts to 53 & Statistical Trends to Focus Upon As a GM

NFL Team Needs | Blaine Gabbert: Why 2012 Can Be Breakout Year for Jaguars QB

NFL Team Needs | Cam Newton Going To Great Lengths To Avoid Sophomore Slump

NFL General Manager Simulation | Check Out Our New Video

NFL Draft Prospects | Breaking Down Areas Where Andrew Luck, RG3 Must Improve Most

NFL Team Needs | New NFL Football With Synthetic Laces Already Drawing Complaints From QBs

NFL Team Needs | Who Is the NFL's Best Overall Running Back?

NFL Salaries | Keep a Close Eye On Packers' Contract Front

NFL Team Needs | 2012 NFL Preseason – Week 1: Injuries In the Making

NFL Salaries | Terrell Owens Makes Great Economic Sense for Seattle Seahawks

NFL Mock Draft | Peter Schrager's 2013 Mock Draft

NFL Team Needs | New Coaching Staff Gets Tough On Bucs

NFL Calendar | NFL Rule Changes 2012: What You Need to Know for the Upcoming Season

NFL Draft Prospects | Projecting Top 10 Impact Rookies Drafted Outside Round 1

NFL Calendar | Forecasting the 2012 Playoff Qualifiers

NFL Mock Draft | Preseason NFL 2013 Mock Draft

NFL Draft Prospects | Ten Rookies To Watch During Training Camp

NFL Draft Prospects | 2012 NFL Predictions: 6 Big-Name Rookies Sure to Bust

NFL Team Needs | 5 Things NFL GMs Are Looking For From Their Rookies In Training Camp

NFL Draft Prospects | These Rookies Could Surprise In 2012

NFL Team Needs | NFL Predictions: Don't Discount the Cowboys & Chargers

NFL Team Needs | Scheme Adjustments the Green Bay Packers Must Make in 2012

NFL Team Needs | Eagles Training Camp – Philly & Andy Reid At a “Crossroads”

NFL GM with 20/20 Hindsight... | A Final "Live" NFL Draft

NFL Draft Prospects | NFL Draft Prospects | Notre Dame's Tyler Eifert Tops the 2013 Draft TE Class

NFL Team Needs | Ravens' Reed Coming Back, Not Holding Out

NFL Team Needs | Santonio Holmes: Two-Quarterback Systems Can’t Work In The NFL

NFL Salaries | 2012 NFL Franchise Players

NFL Salaries | Breaking Down Drew Brees' Deal

NFL Draft Prospects | Power Ranking The Top Contenders For The No. 1 Pick In The 2013 NFL Draft

NFL Draft Prospects | NFL Supplemental Draft 2012: Start Time, Date and Predictions

NFL Draft Prospects | NFL Supplemental Draft 2012: Comparing Josh Gordon's Risk to Terrelle Pryor

NFL Draft Prospects | NFL Supplemental Draft 2012: Cleveland Browns Must Land Josh Gordon

NFL Draft Prospects | Eight Prospects Eligible for NFL Supplemental Draft

NFL Team Needs | Truths and Lies About the Value of an NFL Offensive Lineman

NFL Draft Prospects | 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft: Everything You Need To Know

NFL Salaries | Next Franchise-Tag Battle Could Be Three-Tag Limit

NFL Team Needs | Falcons Could Lighten RB Michael Turner's Workload to Keep Him Fresh

NFL Team Needs | Who's the Next 2K Running Back in the NFL?

NFL Draft Prospects | Former Baylor WR Josh Gordon Applies For Supplemental Draft

NFL Calendar | Can Pro Football Withstand a Return Run By the USFL?

NFL Free Agents | How the Cowboys' Handling of UDFA Ronald Leary's Contract Could Change the Draft

NFL Team Needs | Right Way to Build Roster Depth? Patriots, Steelers, Bears, Cowboys, Lions Do It Best

NFL Free Agents | How Far Can a Healthy Peyton Manning Lead the Denver Broncos in 2012?

NFL Team Needs | 3 NFL Veterans Who Could Be Cut and Still Be Productive on New Teams in 2012

NFL Team Needs | Debating the Strongest Division in the NFL

NFL Free Agents | Plaxico Burress Says Playing in Carolina Would Be a 'Great Situation'

NFL Free Agents | Setting the Odds On 3 OTA Superstars Surviving Final Cuts

NFL Team Needs | Bills Offseason Report: Rising Expectations In Buffalo

NFL Transactions | Trading Colt McCoy for Scraps Necessary for Cleveland Browns

NFL Team Needs | QB Panel Wonders If Anything Can Stem Concussion Problem

NFL Calendar | Just How Important Are OTAs to Success in the NFL Season?

NFL Team Needs | Tryout Players Attempt to Live NFL Dreams Under New CBA

NFL Free Agents | Ochocinco In Miami? It Only Makes Sense

NFL Free Agents | Why Big-Name NFL Free Agents Do More Harm Than Good

NFL Draft Prospects | Ranking RG III, Andrew Luck and Brandon Weeden's Odds of Success This Season

NFL Team Needs | Rex Ryan: Tebow's Ability On Fake Punts Will Instill Fear In Opponents

NFL Draft Prospects | Over 200 Draftees From '12 Class Have Signed Contracts

NFL Salaries | Rob Gronkowski’s Deal a Win-Win

NFL Salaries | NFLPA Reminds Agents To Retain Potential Collusion Documents

NFL Draft Prospects | How Will Steelers' Decision To Pick Mike Adams Pan Out?

NFL Salaries | 2012 NFL Teams With Best Chance To Go From Worst To First

NFL Free Agents | 6 Most Overpaid Players of the 2012 Offseason

NFL Team Needs | 4 Rookies Already Moving Up on NFL Depth Charts

NFL Draft Prospects | Introducing Some Major NFL Draft Busts

NFL Team Needs | Defending the Anger Pick

NFL Free Agents | Filling out an NFL roster after the Draft with Free Agents

NFL Draft Prospects | 3 NFL Rookies Who Will Be Re-Writing History Books by Decade's End

NFL Team Needs | Prediction: 5 Teams That Will Wish They Had a Draft Re-Do

NFL Salaries | What's the right price for Ray Rice?

NFL Calendar | 100 days until NFL Kickoff

NFL Free Agents | 3 Undrafted Free Agents Who Will Likely Make an Impact

NFL Combine Results | Predicting 62 NFL rookies who'll outperform vets in 2012 NFL season

NFL Draft Prospects | Evaluating Quarterbacks

NFL Team Needs | Buccaneers are putting together a blueprint for success in 2012

NFL Draft Prospects | Is Marcus Lattimore still the draft’s best RB prospect?

NFL Free Agents | Analyzing the Best Defensive Replacement Signings

NFL Calendar | NFL trade deadline & other bylaws under review

NFL Free Agents | Latest Buzz on the Undrafted Free Agency Class

NFL Combine Results | NFL Regional Combines are working

NFL Mock Draft | Top 50 Players Available in 2013

NFL Draft Prospects | Is Sweed the Biggest Steelers Draft Bust?

NFL Draft Prospects | Draft Strategies

NFL Calendar | 2012 NFL Schedule Released

NFL Draft Order | How the Draft Order is Determined

NFL Combine Results | 2012 NFL Combine Results

NFL Calendar | NFL Draft Attendees

NFL Team Needs | Draft Strategy

NFL Mock Draft | Wes Bunting's Latest Mock Draft

NFL Draft Prospects | Wes Bunting's Late Round Sleepers

NFL Draft Prospects | How the Steelers Approach the Draft

NFL Draft Prospects | Grade the WRs

NFL Draft Order | Official Draft Order Announced

NFL Draft Order | Updated NFL Draft Order Available Now

NFL Mock Draft | Wes Bunting's Latest Mock Draft

NFL Free Agents | Bills Sign Mark Anderson

NFL Salaries | The Peyton Manning Contract

NFL Team Needs | Green Bay Packers

NFL Calendar | Current Events

NFL Mock Draft | Draft101's Latest Mock

NFL Team Needs | Pro Football Focus

NFL Free Agents | Priorities in Free Agency

NFL Salaries | Redskins, Cowboys Penalized

NFL Free Agency | Day One

NFL Draft Prospects | Rising LBs and DBs

NFL Team Needs | GMs Who Will Overthink the Draft

NFL Transactions | Recapping a Wild Weekend

NFL Free Agents | Free Agency Q&A

NFL Salaries | Drew Brees and the Franchise Tag

NFL Salaries | Salary Cap Blog

NFL Mock Draft | Wes Bunting's Latest

NFL Draft Trade Chart | Draft Trade Analysis

NFL Team Needs | Know Thy Enemy

NFL Combine Results | Pro Days

NFL Combine Results | CB Josh Robinson

NFL Transactions | Franchise Tags

NFL Free Agents | Best Available

NFL Combine Results | Lessons from the Combine

NFL Draft Prospects | Rising Above Injuries

NFL Draft Prospects | DL Studs

NFL Combine Results | Lessons Learned

NFL Combine Results | Defensive Risers

NFL Free Agents | The WR Market

NFL Simulator | Next Steps for PowerHouse

NFL Draft Order | First Round of 2012 NFL Draft Set

NFL Combine Results | 5 Prospects that Drew Attention

NFL Combine Results | Significance of Workouts

NFL Free Agents | TE Hayden Smith

NFL Free Agents | Free Agency Lists from PFW

NFL Free Agents | Pete Prisco's Best FA Matches

Matt Bowen on Grading CBs (NFL Draft Prospects)

NFL Mock Draft | Wes Bunting's Newest Mock Draft

Major Site Improvements Released

NFL Draft Prospects | Matt Miller's Top 100

NFL Calendar | Preparing for a New League Year

NFL Draft Prospects | RG III Declares for the Draft

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2019 Draft Prospects Uploaded 11/2/18

We have uploaded our initial list of 861 2019 NFL Draft prospects. The top 99 are from (they include projected underclass entries,) and the rest are from We will periodically add and delete as the class shapes up. Good luck with your scouting!

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