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NFL's New League Year Begins

[fa icon="calendar'] March 09, 2017 / by Chris Barry posted in NFL Transactions, NFL Calendar, NFL Player Contracts

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As the NFL’s 2017 League Year opens, we here at PowerHouse and our Members and broader community are whipped into a frenzy. We’re in the midst of preparing for the NFL Draft, now just seven weeks away, but we’re taking a break from that work to focus on the veterans whose contracts are expiring and who will be on the market for anyone to sign.

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NFL Player Contracts Updated, Part 1

[fa icon="calendar'] August 16, 2016 / by Chris Barry posted in NFL Salary Cap, NFL Player Contracts

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I spent a ton of time over the past week meticulously going through all of the player contracts on our site and updating those that needed updating. As our General Managers running virtual NFL teams on our site know, their players' contracts match (exactly, or nearly exactly) the real-life contracts of their players.

Going through this process can be tedious, but it's also very educational, and it provides some great insights into how NFL General Managers manage the salary cap and their rosters overall.

First, a few words about our source, Jason Fitzgerald, who runs OTC, is a kindred spirit - a fellow NFL geek (and I mean that lovingly,) who devotes countless hours to the tiniest contract details and gives us all a reliable resource for this esoteric data. So, thanks Jason!

Examining contracts on OTC is a great way to see the NFL's salary cap rules in full effect. Most of our audience has a pretty good understanding of the basics of how the cap works. If you were not aware that signing bonuses are pro-rated over the years of the contract, for example, you may have some catching up to do, but don't worry, you'll get there.

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2019 Draft Prospects Uploaded 11/2/18

We have uploaded our initial list of 861 2019 NFL Draft prospects. The top 99 are from (they include projected underclass entries,) and the rest are from We will periodically add and delete as the class shapes up. Good luck with your scouting!

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