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NFL GM Simulation | NFL Defensive Schemes

[fa icon="calendar'] August 09, 2013 / by Chris Barry posted in Xs and Os, NFL General Managers, iGM Game

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NFL Defensive Schemes - Beyond 4-3 or 3-4

By Ted Bartlett, ItsAllOverFatMan.com

Editor's note:  We first saw this article in an email from Ted Sundquist's TheFootballEducator.com site.  The former Broncos GM has been doing a fine job of pulling together some of the smarter independent NFL content of late, as well as continuing to generate excellent original content.

This piece, by Ted Bartlett of ItsAllOverFatMan.com, is one of the most forward-thinking articles we've seen.  It's exactly the kind of thing that appeals to our audience as they participate in our realistic GM simulation, and our cerebral approach to the NFL more generally (we try, anyway.)

And, we're very amused by the Ted's site's name.  According to IAOFM's "About" page, their name originated from a 1977 game with the upstart Broncos in Oakland visiting the then-dominant Raiders.  As the Broncos closed out their victory, Denver LB Tom Jackson (now of ESPN) approached portly Oakland coach John Madden and said, "It's all over fat man!"

On to the article...

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