Before PowerHouse, Fantasy Football Had an Off-Season...

We Solve Two Problems Facing the Fantasy Football Industry Today
Year 'Round Engagement
Market Segmentation
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The Fantasy Football industry literally shuts down for six months out of the year. This billion-dollar business completely ignores the compelling events of the NFL's off-season - free agency, the NFL Draft, etc.

Passionate fans stay fully engaged with the sport they love every day. The NFL has truly replaced baseball as America's "national pastime" - more people watch the NFL Draft than watch the World Series or the NBA Finals. Yet, no game in this space involves the NFL's off-season!


This exciting market is still being served a "one size fits all" solution.

Yes, there have been innovations in recent years, particularly in the "daily" fantasy space, where the big players have received millions in funding. But the game people are playing today is largely the same game we were playing twenty years ago.

We're serving the most passionate fans with a solution that allows them to more fully engage with the NFL and prove how they could do as the General Manager of a real NFL team. After all, wasn't that the appeal of fantasy football in the first place?

Our Solution: Be the GM of a Real NFL Team

For-Investors-Roster-ScreenshotOur "iGMTM" game:

  • Turns fantasy football into a highly realistic simulation of being the General Manager of a real NFL team
  • Plays out in real time...
  • ...based on events in the real world...
  • ...52 weeks a year with no end

Our virtual GMs sign free agents in March, draft right along with the NFL Draft in May, make roster cuts at the end of training camp, and compete with the real NFL teams (and, soon, each other) during the season.


Why Invest in PowerHouse?


Our site is up and running, with nearly 6,000 members signed up as of Q3 2014. The technology is built and proven!


We have our first paid members and a clear roadmap to driving conversions from free to paid memberships. We understand our market and what we need to deliver to reach our revenue target.


Our plan projects annual recurring revenue of $9M within three to five years, and industry data supports our projections.


Our model projects well to other sports, allowing us to expand and grow our business over time. We're especially excited about the potential for the international market with the sport of soccer.


We have an elite advisory board and excellent connections throughout the fantasy sports industry and the NFL and its eco-system (the media, etc.)


Our core intellectual property can be protected.


Our fundraising goals are relatively modest, and offer exciting potential returns if we execute on our business plan.


We have a clear exit strategy and relationships in place with potential exit partners, all of whom have demonstrated a willingness to acquire relevant properties in our industry. They have deep pockets and are squarely focused on our specific target market.


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The Fantasy Football market is a demographic dream

  • 41M players in North America
  • 80% Male
  • Average spend $467/year
  • Very high margins
  • Wide open for innovation / segmentation