It’s Launch Week at PowerHouse!

PowerHouse is launching December 1st!We’re officially launching PowerHouse and our iGM game this Thursday, December 1st.  This is a great, big deal to us, but you won’t see anything dramatic happen on the site that day.  Changes you will see between now and Thursday include:

  • Our content areas will be improved further (Home, Newsstand, Library)
  • A basic Help system will be added, with a more robust system to follow
  • We will continue to fix and test our known open bugs and enhancemet requests
  • We will take the “$49 charter membership” offer and replace it with our regular membership price of $99/year.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good, so if you want to squeeze in before the price goes up, now’s the time!

The biggest thing that’s going to happen on Thursday is that we start our marketing efforts – we start actively trying to get members to sign up and run a team in iGM.  After a year in development, more than two years in planning, and more than 15 years as an idea, this is the biggest milestone we’ve reached.  We’re pretty excited!

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