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Would you like to get involved?

No, we're not "hiring," at least not right now. But if you share our passion for NFL General Manager stuff and would like to do something to help out, let's talk. We have big plans for PowerHouse, and who knows what might happen down the road, right?

Here are a few things that we know we're looking for help with, but by all means feel free to reach out to us if you have something different in mind, and the more creative the better!

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Writing / Blogging

We have a wide range of writing projects that need attention, from single topics to recurring features, to in-depth longer-term projects. If there's a particular aspect of content that fits under our subject matter umbrella and interests you, and you're a good writer, we'd love to have your help. 

Some of the content areas that we're looking to develop are:

  • Articles solicited  from guest bloggers
  • An in-depth tutorial on draft prospect scouting
  • Biographical articles on NFL General Managers, scouts, and other personnel executives
  • NFL Draft retrospectives
  • An in-depth tutorial on NFL contracts and the salary cap
  • Our iGMTM game's help system

These are just examples. If you have something else in mind, please tell us about it!

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Research & Analysis

We have a lot of moving parts here, and if you'd like to help us maintain them, we'd welcome the assistance! Some of the things that we need to stay on top of are:

  • Reviewing and updating our Expansion Draft eligibility list
  • Building our links to NFL Draft prospect scouting videos
  • Maintaining our Calendar
  • Building and maintaining our site-wide default NFL team needs for the NFL Draft

It's even better, though certainly not required, if you would enjoy writing about the area you help us out with.

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Web/Database Development

We have a superb developer who has been in charge of our project since the beginning. In a perfect world, we would like him to evolve into more of a Project Manager, rather than our hands-on day-to-day code-writing wizard.

If you're an experienced developer who has a passion for our subject matter and you share our vision of building PowerHouse into a truly amazing experience, let's talk. 

Our iGMTM NFL General Manager simulation is built on the Microsoft stack. The specific technical skills we need are:

  • Windows Server / SQL / ASP.NET
  • HTML / Java / CSS
  • Web design a plus

Or, if you happen to be proficient with Telerik's Reporting platform, we would love to have your help building our site's reports (we have some good ones, we have many more in mind.)

This is not a job posting. And it's absolutely not an invitation for web development firms to make a sales pitch. Please. We're sure you're good at what you do, we're just not a fit for you right now.

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UX / Web Design

There's a lot that we already do that we'd like to improve from a User Experience and Design standpoint. What we do is so database-focused that we rightly focused on the plumbing first. Now it's time to make everything more visually compelling and easier to use. Can you help?

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Web Page Development

The content side of our site is built on the HubSpot platform. If you know HubSpot, you know 1) it's great (we ♥ HubSpot,) and 2) it's time-consuming to do it right, and we want to do it right. Help us make our web pages, forms, calls-to-action, and emails shine!

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Many of the things we're looking for would be ideal for college internships. We've had interns in the past, and we're delighted to help college students. Working on projects for PowerHouse isn't only fun - if you're into what we're into - but can provide valuable experience that is applicable as you begin your career.

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Anything Else

Have something in mind that you don't see mentioned here? Don't be shy. Reach out to us and let us know what you're thinking.