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NFL Supplemental Draft 2013

By Chris Barry,

2013 NFL Supplemental Draft Final Piece of the PuzzleFor those unfamiliar with the NFL’s “Supplemental Draft,” it’s run every summer to give those players who fall through the cracks in April’s NFL Draft – the guys who weren’t eligible at the time, but for whatever reason have become eligible since and won’t return to college this fall – a chance to join the NFL this year, and not be forced to take a year off before entering next year’s draft.

The Supplemental Draft only rarely produces noteworthy NFL contributors.  Ahmad Brooks is the most recent success story.  Historically, Cris Carter and Bernie Kosar had fine careers coming out of the Supplemental Draft.

We’ll see how Browns’ WR Josh Gordon does over his NFL career, but they did use a R2 pick on him in last year’s Supplemental Draft, and that’s the highest selected player in years.  Terrelle Pryor deserves mention here, too.  But, NFL personnel folks leave no stone unturned, so, even if gems are rarely found, the time investment is always made.

The Supplemental Draft happens without the fanfare of the regular NFL Draft, and normally with little to none of the anticipation.  In fact, it often comes and goes without many NFL fans even noticing.

The representatives of the NFL teams don’t even meet in person to conduct this draft.  Instead, the Supplemental Draft is conducted via email between the individual teams and the NFL’s league headquarters in New York City.

The NFL determines the order of the Supplemental Draft quite differently than they do for April’s NFL Draft.  Prior to the Supplemental Draft, the NFL conducts a drawing to determine the order.  This drawing is done in three groups.  The first group involves teams that won six of fewer games last year.  The second involves the teams that won seven or more, but failed to make the playoffs.  And the third involves the twelve teams that qualified for the playoffs.

ProFootballTalk’s Michael David Smith describes the process in more detail here.

So… what does this mean for you if you’re running a team on our site?

2013’s Supplemental Draft was held on Thursday, July 11th.  No players were selected.  If you wish to select a player in this year’s Supplemental Draft, please send an email with your bid (which, obviously, would most logically be a R7 pick unless you don’t have one or want more than one player) to before you get too far past July 11th in your timeline (we’re giving you a few extra days because there aren’t any huge names and not much drama involved this year.)

If you make a submission, we’ll review things to make sure you have the required pick(s) and respond to you with the results or any questions we may have.  If you get one or more players here, we will manually and them to your team’s roster.

There are six players eligible this year:

  1. James Boyd, DE/UNLV, 6’5″, 255 lbs.
  2. Nate Holloway, DT/UNLV, 6’3″, 365 lbs.
  3. Toby Jackson, DE/Central Florida, 6’5″, 257 lbs.
  4. Dewayne Peace, WR/Houston, 5’11”, 190 lbs.
  5. O.J. Ross, WR/Purdue, 5’10”, 188 lbs.
  6. Damond Smith, CB/South Carolina, 5’11”, 181 lbs.

For a great look at these players, check out this article by PowerHouse friend Matt Miller:

Good luck in finding a diamond in the rough!

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