NFL GM Game: PowerHouse is Growing


The 2014 NFL season is off to a fast start, and PowerHouse is starting fast as well. We’ve made a ton of improvements to our site and iGMTM, our NFL General Manager game, and those will only continue throughout the 2014 season and beyond. Here’s a glimpse at what we’ve already done and what we’ll be doing in the near future…

First, we’ve made a long overdue change to our site by placing our standard header on all of our pages, both content pages, like this blog posting, and our iGMTM game pages. You can now access the entire site in one way from any page using one menu structure, and you’ll see your login status wherever you are. It looks like this:


Putting our header on every site page is just one of the steps we have taken to make the site more standardized and user-friendly with one consistent look and feel. Another is the re-formatting of our NFL GM sim game pages with larger fonts. You can put the reading glasses away!

To make space for the larger fonts, we moved the team information on game pages to the top:


Another change we made recently was to’s site Forum. We upgraded to the latest version of the forum software, which includes new features like the ability to upload images. Along with the upgrade, we resolved some long-standing issues, like trouble with uploading personal avatars and an inconsistent login/logout process from the Forum pages (we put our site standard header there, too!)

A lot of our pages had broken links or links to old legacy site pages. We have corrected a lot of those and we’re continuing to find and correct broken links. We’re also updating all of our site’s content pages to have a consistent look and feel and the latest information available from an editorial standpoint. We hope you find these updates refreshing and valuable.

We have at long last begun to overhaul our site’s help system. Veteran members of know that this has been something we’ve been promising for a long time, and we’re very happy to finally be addressing it in a meaningful way! The first introductory section has been completed, and we’ll be adding sections as quickly as we can.

Some of our changes involve the “plumbing” of the NFL GM simulation itself. We are continuing to find technical issues and correct them, and we’re seeing fewer and fewer errors and data problems as time goes on. We’re also responding to changes outside of our control, notably the NFL’s decision to expand Practice Squads from 8 players to 10. That specific change has been implemented in our system, with the exception of a problem on the Player Finder page, which shold be fixed by the end of September (a workaround is available; see the Forum topic on this subject.)

Lastly, we have begun to place advertisements on our content pages, and will do so soon on all of our NFL General Manager game pages. We don’t like ads, either, but if we are going to continue to deliver the most realistic simulation of being an NFL GM ever conceived, we simply need to make money for our efforts!

As far as making a viable business, we need to generate more revenue than anything advertising could ever provide. So, we’re working hard to deliver value for our members who convert to paid subscriptions at only $99 per year. One way we’re doing that is that we’ll keep our pages ad-free for all of our paid members.

We hope you like the changes we have already made and the ones yet to come. Our mission has always been to deliver a terrific experience for our membership and new visitors alike. Enjoy the site and the NFL season!

If you’re not enjoying our NFL GM simulation already, click the button below to get started…



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