NFL Mock Draft | Preseason NFL 2013 Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft | Preseason NFL 2013 Mock Draft

By Matt Miller, Bleacher Report

NFL Mock Draft Sam MontgomeryAll across the country, NFL teams are preparing for the 2012 season with training camps and workouts. For those of us who cover the NFL draft, the work is beginning too.

The 2013 class of draft prospects looks very strong, with a solid crop of quarterbacks, offensive tackles and pass-rushers waiting to enter the NFL next season. Who rounds out the top of the prospect big board? We’re taking an early look at where each NFL team could be slotted in the draft order and which players it would target based on preseason predictions.

An interesting note is that most of the teams projected to be near the beginning of the first round (based on win-loss records) have all drafted young quarterbacks in recent seasons. This could seriously affect the notion that quarterbacks will be drafted early in every draft. The results of that are shown in this first look at the 2013 draft.


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