NFL Salaries | Keep a Close Eye On Packers’ Contract Front

NFL Salaries | Keep a Close Eye On Packers’ Contract Front

By Dan Arkush, Pro Football Weekly

NFL Salaries Aaron RodgersFresh off a quick two-day visit to the Packers’ training camp, what stuck out most in my mind was a strong sense that something pretty big could be brewing on the team’s contract front.

To be specific, while GM Ted Thompson has stayed true to form as far as refusing to talk openly about anything even remotely regarding the team’s contract situation, I can’t help feeling that either Aaron Rodgers, the team’s franchise player on offense, or Clay Matthews, one of two defensive centerpieces along with veteran S-CB Charles Woodson, is on the cusp of signing a new contract — perhaps quite soon.

I brought up the possibility of a major signing often while commiserating with numerous camp observers on the sidelines during the practices I observed, and the consensus seemed to be that I was probably onto something, although it hardly takes a gridiron genius to connect the appropriately colored green-and-gold dots.


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