NFL Team Needs | 2012 NFL Preseason – Week 1: Injuries In the Making

NFL Team Needs | 2012 NFL Preseason – Week 1: Injuries In the Making

By Ted Sundquist,

NFL Team Needs InjuriesThe excitement of the opening night of NFL preseason football has subsided a bit and focus now shifts for a dozen clubs towards Week 2. Coaches dissect the game tape, looking for technique and assignment flaws that will eventually lead them to their final 53. Players hope for more opportunity in the next matchup, a chance at redemption for a missed assignment or poor performance.

Football operations will do their best to tighten up as well; video with an out of focus endzone shot in the third quarter, equipment brought the wrong shoes for a particular player, trainers continue to break in a new seasonal intern with stepped up responsibilities.

But 24 hours after the first preseason game can be downright nasty for General Managers. Months of careful calculating has led to the assembly of the current roster and after two weeks it’s time to hit on somebody other than your own teammates. Scouts need something they can sink their teeth into for an accurate evaluation of how their players perform under “real” game conditions.


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