NFL Transactions | 2012 NFL Roster Cuts – Matt Overton’s Journey

NFL Transactions | 2012 NFL Roster Cuts – Matt Overton’s Journey

By Ted Sundquist, The Football Educator

NFL Transactions UFL OvertonAnd so it goes. A little over six weeks ago NFL Training Camps opened with optimistic energy. Thirty-two clubs entered the official start of the 2012 Preseason with hopes of a Super Bowl Championship, playoff appearance, or at least some signs of improvement upon their efforts from the season before. The arduous process of assembling 90 man rosters over the course of seven months started with NFL front offices looking under every rock, checking every nook and cranny for available talent to improve their chances this season; Reserve Futures, Unrestricted Free Agency, the 2012 NFL Draft, trades, waiver claims and street Free Agents.

Putting together a roster

Through offseason conditioning, OTA’s, mini-camps and two-a-days, the NFL’s pool of professional football players have been under the microscope of evaluation on the road to 53. Today the “Turk cometh”. Teams were required to reduce their rosters by 22 from the first cuts to 75. There were some surprises, there always are. Veteran stars on their last legs were sent packing, rookies just getting started were told they were finished. Most of the media coverage focused on those that “didn’t” versus those that “did”.


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