NFL Transactions | NFL Cuts to 53 & the Importance of a Strong Defense

NFL Transactions | NFL Cuts to 53 & the Importance of a Strong Defense

By Ted Sundquist, The Football Educator

NFL Transactions Tackle“Offense sells tickets, but Defense wins championships”, or so they say something of the sort. It seems the lurid lore of professional football success has revolved around the inherent toughness of the defensive side of the ball for decades. Conventional wisdom says without the ability to stop the run or pressure the pass, NFL teams are doomed to failure. Middle Linebackers, Strong Safeties, Nose Tackles….they personify the face of a physically imposing opponent. The Steel Curtain, The Purple People Eaters, Doomsday….it’s hard to argue that the buck doesn’t stop with the defense. But is that actually true?

The importance of a good Defense

You can’t ignore the importance of everything mentioned about the D; from stuffing the run to collapsing the pocket. A strong defense is certainly part of the overall equation to winning in the NFL. But when push comes to shove as a decision maker regarding the makeup and management of your roster, which way do you lean? Where should your overall emphasis be placed? How do you allocate financial resources? I know the conformist answer. I also know you can debate the issue from every angle. But at some point don’t you have to solidify your core philosophy off of sound logic and established facts rather than hyped up legend?


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