PowerHouse Has Officially Launched

Today’s an exciting day for us, as we are officially launching PowerHouse.  There’s no dramatic single change to the site or the iGM game that’s happening today.  Rather, we are continuing to work hard to eliminate problems and improve the site in every way possible.

Some things that are happening right now:

  • You should see some of the obvious bugs in iGM cleared up already or soon (example: the duplicate transactions on the Transactions page)
  • We’re working to put together a help system for iGM
  • We’re developing additional ways for you to compete with your team, beyond the virtual season you can currently play along with the real NFL season

If you see anything that doesn’t work properly, please tell us – use the Feedback button on the right side of the game pages – we value your input!

Thank you very much for your interest in PowerHouse.  We are building the absolute most realistic NFL GM simulation possbile – realistic because it’s directly tied to what really happens in real life.

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