PowerHouse Sports Launches highly realistic iGM Game

Biggest innovation in fantasy football in a generation allows serious NFL fans to see how they would do as the General Manager of a real NFL team

White Plains, NY.  December 1st, 2011 – Fantasy football, played by 24 million people in North America in 2010, is a billion dollar business.  It’s a game where participants manage virtual teams made up of real-world players, and compete with their friends’ teams based on the statistical performance of the players in real life.

But, fantasy football is in no way a simulation of running a real pro football team, long the dream of many of the most passionate NFL fans.  PowerHouse is changing that, by evolving fantasy football into a highly realistic simulation of being the General Manager of a real NFL team, 52 weeks a year.

People running virtual teams in iGM sign free agents in March, participate with the real-world NFL Draft in April, make roster cuts in September, and try to fill in for injured players during the season.  iGM players compete with real NFL teams using PowerHouse’s unique scoring system that measures the entire 53-player roster, not just a handful of stats-producing stars, as in traditional fantasy football.

The key differences between traditional fantasy football and iGM:

  • iGM players manage a complete virtual team, following the same rules that real NFL General Managers follow.  Traditional fantasy football has a fictitious set of rules that have nothing to do with running a real team.
  • iGM plays out in real time, keeping fans engaged 52 weeks a year.  Traditional fantasy football is a seasonal game that starts over every year and has no activity during the NFL off-season.
  • iGM includes all football positions, even offensive linemen.  Traditional fantasy football only involves “skill position” players who produce statistics.
  • iGM ties in to real world events to govern player movement and results in the game.  Traditional fantasy football only ties in to the real world for statistical results.
  • iGM offers the most enthusiastic and opinionated NFL fans the opportunity to demonstrate how they would do if they could be the General Manager of a real team.  Traditional fantasy football is a fictional game that is heavily dependent on luck.

PowerHouse President and CEO Chris Barry originally invented the rules for iGM in 1995.  He has been running a virtual team on an Excel spreadsheet, for no other reason than his own enjoyment, for 15 years, and says, “I finally felt that, after all this time enjoying this game myself, that the time was right to share it.  The evolution of web technology, the explosive growth in interest in the NFL’s off-season, and the ability that small companies now have to stand up and get noticed from a marketing standpoint is a perfect storm for us.”

Contact information:

Website:  www.PowerHouseGM.com

Anyone can sign up to run a team for free at:


PowerHouse’s Press Room:  http://content.powerhousegm.com/powerhouse-press-room/

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/PowerHouseSports

Download this Press Release as a Word Doc:

Chris Barry’s LinkedIn profile:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/barrycm

Chris Barry’s email:  barrycm@PowerHouseGM.com  Chris is available for interviews almost any time.  Seriously, he’s obsessed.



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