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Get Up and Running

...Like, Yesterday Already

Your goal in PowerHouse's iGMTM  NFL General Manager simulation is to build the best virtual NFL team that you possibly can, as if you were the GM of a real NFL team. You follow all the same rules that the real GMs follow, in real time, 52 weeks a year.

If you're the type that just likes to dive right in and get going instead of (brace yourself) reading the manual, then you're in the right place. Use this Quick Start Guide to get your team going right now. You might even want to print out this page to use as a checklist.



[fa icon="square-o"] Create an Account

Create a free account on www.PowerHouseGM.com by clicking the Sign Up button in the header. Be  sure to sign up with an email address that you actually use, as we'll use that email to send you anything we need to send you.

Don't worry, we won't fill your inbox, and we'll never, ever, ever share your email with anyone else. Unless you ask us to. And that just doesn't come up a lot.

[fa icon="square-o"] Confirm Your Account

After creating an account, you'll get a confirmation email from us (check your spam filter if you don't see it.) Click the link in the email to verify that you're a real person, and, voila! Your account is activated and you can log in. If you forget your password, we've got a link for that.

[fa icon="square-o"] Finalize Your Team

Start your team following the on-screen instructions. You can take over a real NFL team as it was a week after the most recent Super Bowl, or you can do an Expansion Draft.

[fa icon="square-o"] Advance Your Timeline

Go to the Transactions page, where you can view each day's transactions from real life and decide whether you want to "mirror" any of them.

Proceed through the calendar by clicking "I'm done with..." for each date when you are finished with it. The days must be processed in order, but you will see the next few upcoming days to get a sense of what is coming up.

[fa icon="square-o"] Prepare for the NFL Draft

Go to the pages under Draft Room to prepare for the NFL Draft. Set your board, adjust your Team Needs, and view scouting videos.

Practice for the Draft by running customizable/configurable Mock Drafts.

[fa icon="square-o"] Complete Your Live Draft

When you get to late April in your timeline, it will be time for the real deal: the live NFL Draft. The Live Draft works just like Mock Drafts, except that the NFL teams will pick who they picked in real life, and whoever you pick will be added to your roster (but won't count until they sign.)

[fa icon="square-o"] Sign Undrafted Free Agents

After the Live Draft, proceed through the timeline, signing Undrafted Free Agents (UDFAs,) and cutting unwanted players.

[fa icon="square-o"] Cut Your Roster to 53 Players

When you near the start of the NFL regular season, the roster limit will drop from 90 to 75, and then to 53. You'll have to make cuts, and, believe us, this gets painful, especially as your team (hopefully) improves.

You can target eligible players for your 10-man Practice Squad, too. Your Practice Squad will be formed after final roster cuts.

[fa icon="square-o"] Compete!

Your team will play a full 16-game schedule during the regular season. You'll see the results of the first two games. If you are a paid Member at only $99/year, you'll continue to see game results throughout the season. Either way, you're free to continue managing your team whether you are a free or paid Member.

We sincerely hope you enjoy playing iGMTM, and hope doing so enhances your appreciation of the NFL and how difficult it truly is to build a successful NFL team.

Good luck!