Tour of the Most Realistic NFL Simulation Ever Conceived

"I wish I could be an NFL General Manager."

- Everyone we know


So do we. And so do hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of NFL fans. PowerHouse's "iGMTM" game gives you the closest possible experience. Run a virtual NFL team, following all the same rules the 32 real-life GMs follow, 52 weeks a year."

  • Sign Free Agents in March
  • Draft along with the live NFL Draft in May
  • Trim your roster to 53 players and form your Practice Squad in September
  • Play a full 16-game schedule against real NFL teams during the season

Our unique model lets you stay engaged with the NFL year 'round, unlike traditional fantasy football, which shuts down for half the year and ignores the captivating events of the NFL's off-season.

If you have a passion for the NFL, the NFL Draft, and the personnel decisions that shape the fortunes of NFL teams - if you want to see how you could really do as an NFL General Manager - you have found your game!


Here's How it Works...

Sign Up and Create a Team

When you create a free account on, the first thing you need to do is create your team.

  • You'll be moved back in time to one week after the most recent Super Bowl
  • You can choose to take over any NFL team as it was at that point in time, or you can do an Expansion Draft
  • Start your team any time - you don't have to wait until the NFL's off-season!


We think the Expansion Draft is more fun because it lets you immediately put your own stamp on your team, but if you want to show that you could do better than your favorite team's GM, that's a great option, too.


Want to see what it's like to run an NFL team?


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Is This Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football Championship Ring

Frankly, we're not sure how to answer that. You are managing a virtual team of players that are on many different teams in real life. Also, in both traditional fantasy and iGMTM player performance in real life determines your success in the game. By those measures, iGMTM is at least in the same broad category.

But the simillarities end there:

  • iGMTM is a highly realistic simulation of running a real NFL team
  • iGMTM is played year 'round and year after year; it never stops
  • In iGMTM, you compete against the real NFL General Managers to acquire players, instead of drafting with your friends.  You're in the pros now!
  • In iGMTM, every player on the roster matters, even individual offensive linemen

You can make up your own mind whether iGMTM is a fantasy game or not, but if it is, it's fantasy football's ultimate evolution!


Is This Like Madden in Franchise Mode?

Madden NFL logo

Madden NFL in Franchise Mode is almost the opposite of fantasy football.  While fantasy is connected to real life for results but in no way simulates real football activities, Madden simulates football activities in a semi-realistic way, but results are determined by a gaming engine, not on the football field.

In fact, EA Sports produced a spin-off of Madden call "NFL Head Coach" from 2007 to 2009 that focused more on team management than the flagship Madden game.


At the time, it seemed as if this game was going to do what iGMTM does, but we simply didn't like it, and we didn't immediately understand why.

After we thought about this for a while, we realized that this game suffered from the same problem that Madden in Franchise Mode suffers from:  what happens in the game is determined by the computer, not on the field.

We don't want to draft Cam Newton and have the computer decide if he becomes a big-time NFL QB or not. We want to know if we're right or wrong about him based on what really happens!